We are social media strategists who specialize in organic engagement and growth.  After building two brands from scratch organically, we realized that taking the time to develop a purposeful and meaningful social strategy has been the root of our success.  

You might be growing slowly and hearing crickets.  Social media may have you feeling stretched thin.  You may wonder if it's possible to grow a community centered around your brand.  

With the help of an organic + authentic social strategy, you'll find and connect with your tribe.  

We believe in taking an intentional and simple approach to social media; instead of pouring money into ads when you haven't quite found your tribe,  it's vital to grow organically.

We believe you have an important message to share with the world, and we don't want you to give up just because you're having trouble finding your tribe and connecting with them on social media.


When you grow organically, you're able to spend less money attracting your ideal audience so you can make a bigger impact and create a sustainable income. We understand you may not be ready yet to hand over the passwords to your social accounts, and that's OK.  We'll teach you everything you need to know to implement an organic social strategy.


We're Kendra + Kleneice, the twin duo behind Humble & Whole.  

We operate on Jesus, dark roast coffee, and Mexican food (hello, endless chips + salsa). We're Chicago city girls who have fallen in love with southern living. We've had a strong entrepreneurial spirit since we were young, always dreaming up inventions and start-ups.

Fun Fact: It was destined for us to be obsessed with books - we devoured Encyclopedias from cover to cover before we could truly read! 

We are so excited you are here, and we can't wait to help you make all of your goals reality through purposeful social media strategy!