The New Rules of Engagement is the ultimate guide for bloggers & online entrepreneurs who want more engagement on social media

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Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re posting on social media and instead of receiving genuine engagement, you’re hearing crickets to the point that you wonder if you’re even talking to the right people.

You’re frustrated because you know how important it is to have a social media presence, but you haven’t had any luck booking clients from social media.

You’re trying to build a genuinely engaged community but you’re attracting people who unfollow and don’t give your content a chance.

You know that the key to engagement is posting frequently, but you don’t know what content to create that will resonate with your audience. (You’re wondering how to get to know your tribe because they don’t interact)


what if it didn't have to be this way? imagine if...

You could log on every day knowing that you have a community of not just followers, but raving fans who can’t wait to read your next blog post, check out your videos, and consume all your content.

Your audience eagerly reads your blog, subscribes to your list, and purchases your products and services because they view you as an authority in your niche.

You don’t even flinch when the algorithms change because you know the foundation of building an engaged community and the strategies that work, regardless of the updates.

That can be your reality when you purchase The New Rules of Engagement!

The truth is that building an engaged, genuine community online is multifaceted.  

To receive engagement from your tribe, you have to ensure that:

  • You’re talking to the right people

  • You’re showing up on the right social platforms

  • You’re creating meaningful, high quality content

  • You’re willing to devote time and effort towards your community

We created The New Rules of Engagement to walk you through what it takes to receive genuine engagement online.  

The New Rules of Engagement is the ultimate guide for bloggers and online entrepreneurs who want to get more engagement on social media, attract their target audience, and learn to build a community that is both meaningful and profitable.


In The New Rules of Engagement, we dive deep into the strategies you can implement on social media to withstand the algorithm changes

We uncover the action steps you can take to ensure you’re attracting your target audience to your community.

We dive into the strategies you can use to broaden or narrow your social media presence so that you can be confident that you’re showing up in the right places.

We discuss genuine ways to build meaningful relationships with your tribe and peers that lead to a boost in engagement AND a profitable business.

Are you ready to see a boost of engagement that will move your business forward?


Love Notes


"I just worked myself through the exercises in The New Rules of Engagement and I'm blown away at the amount of A-HA moments I've had and how much inspired action I've already taken with my social media! I think I'm more blown away though at the impact The New Rules of Engagement has had on my understanding of social media and the ability it has to foster connection rather than take away from it.

I can't do inauthenticity and so I've spent a lot of time in this online world resisting social media, and though it seems like a big statement, The New Rules of Engagement has brought a life to my understanding of social media that I haven't really known before. This is huge, especially when it comes to heart-centered brands.

I've had a feeling for a while that some of the most much-needed brands (the ones with a vision for peace and equality and the betterment of our world) would never really get ahead because of the importance of social media in finding success and all the negativity and manipulation around social media and what it takes to grow a following, but you two have reminded me that strategic growth doesn't have to feel icky and just knowing this makes me excited for the potential of our world. I'm grateful beyond words. For the help The New Rules of Engagement has had on my brand but also the encouragement I feel to know there are people out there who get it. Thank you!" - Robin, The Diary of an Empath


"In The New Rules of Engagement, Kendra and Kleneice spill the secret of how to build your audience on social media platforms. The rules they give readers to follow are certainly a quick turn around for sound implementation. The New Rules of Engagement offers insight on how to know exactly who you are targeting in the market, where they hang out, what they do, and what struggles they are having. From there, they spill the tea on how to show up as the saving grace for their audience through high quality content that draws them in. Their strategies push you to be human in the non-connective social media world that makes your audience beg for you to do more, which in turn leads to them buying more of what you have to offer!" - Jasmine, She's Worthy  


"After feeling frustrated with IG because I felt like I wasn't connecting with my audience I read The New Rules of Engagement and decided to give some of the tips a try. I was amazed after just several posts my engagement went up significantly. These girls know their stuff!" - RuthAnn, RArtspace


Hi. We're Kleneice + Kendra

We operate on Jesus, dark roast coffee, and Mexican food (hello, endless chips + salsa). 

We teach heart-driven entrepreneurs how to build their presence on social media with organic and authentic strategies.  

After building two brands from scratch organically, we realized that taking the time to develop a purposeful and meaningful social strategy has been the root of our success.  

We believe that engaging an audience not only helps to build a community, but is also key to sustaining a profitable business.  We’ve had the pleasure of helping women leverage their social media and in turn find their tribe, grow their blog traffic, increase their mailing list subscriptions, and increase their income.


Is The New Rules of Engagement right for you?  It’s a perfect match if:

  • You’re not glued to the vanity metrics (followers, likes) and actually want genuine engagement from your community
  • You’re prepared to devote time and effort to build your community (the strategies we teach are organic and depend on your execution)
  • You aren’t sure if you’re attracting the right people to your social media OR you’re ready for more volume (clients + traffic) but you aren’t ready to invest in advertising


How can these strategies withstand any algorithm update?

As we wrote The New Rules of Engagement, we were careful to include evergreen (or timeless) strategies that focused on the pillars of building an engaged community.  Of course, social media will only continue to update with time, but the foundation of engagement (high quality content, speaking to your target audience, and building relationships) are within your power despite algorithm updates.

How can I tailor these strategies specifically to my brand?

The New Rules of Engagement is not only an ebook, but a workbook as well, with prompts to guide you through the process of applying what you've learned directly to your brand.

Can I be an affiliate for The New Rules of Engagement?

Yes! We would be honored to have you onboard as an affiliate for The New Rules of Engagement and we'll reward you with a 30% commission for each purchase made through your link. Interested?

What happens after I purchase?

Immediately after purchase, you will receive your digital copy of The New Rules of Engagement in a PDF format.