Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you do?

We are creative business strategists who specifically help female bloggers and online business owners to implement strategies to grow their businesses.  The short answer is that we provide solutions for female entrepreneurs to get past the struggles they’re currently experiencing. We are always eager to help creative women narrow their brands’ focus, identify and find their ideal clients, grow their following/influence, etc.

What is working with you like?

We embrace the fact that every woman has a different story to tell, as well as unique talents/skill sets, and that is why we have a very adaptable/flexible coaching technique.  You play a pivotal role in the action plan(s) that we create, as we will never suggest a strategy that is contrary to your brand’s identity.  It isn’t us telling you what to do; we will work together to create a plan that is both realistic and result-driven.

Can I work with you longer than three months?

Certainly!  We would love to help you along your business journey for as long as you see fit.  Our only request is that you provide us with ideally a month’s (no later than two week's) notice so that we can plan accordingly.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds at this time.

When is my payment due?

If you choose to pay in full, your payment is due at contract signing.  If you select to pay monthly, the first month’s deposit is due at contract signing.  Subsequent payment dates will be 30 and 60 days after contract signing.

What software do you use for coaching?

We don’t believe in making clients learn a new software to work with us just because it may be our preference.  You have the choice of video calling via Skype or Google Hangout or phone calling with your mobile number (U.S. residents only) or WhatsApp if located outside the U.S.