We believe that the best marketing strategies are holistic - and we don’t believe in one size fits all approaches.  


We understand that the best results come from marketing that is intentional, authentic, and wholehearted.


We like to focus on the big picture - how to make your goals come to life by incorporating your blog, social media, and email into a strategy that builds brand awareness, trust, and income.


We’re enthusiastic about supporting clients 1:1 who fiercely believe in their ability to make a difference and know that their mission is worth investing in.

you + us = dream team

Our marketing strategies have resulted in wins like:

  • Increasing Pinterest referral traffic from 4%-20% in just ONE month
  • Landing 3 clients from Pinterest alone in just two weeks
  • Growing a mailing list from under 200 subscribers to 400+ in less than 2 months
  • 15K+ monthly pageviews
  • Creating landing pages with a conversion rate of over 40%
  • Generating 25-60 qualified leads per week

Your business marketing needs are unique, and we’re happy to offer customized support that fits exactly what you need to grow and scale your business including:

  • Web traffic growth
  • Social media strategy + management for up to 4 platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter)
  • Audience growth
  • Content creation + curation
  • Community management
  • Mailing list growth
  • Email newsletter management
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Monthly data analysis + progress report

starting at $3000/mo

"Before finding Kendra, I was attracting people who weren’t a good fit for my services. After implementing Kendra's strategy, I immediately started getting mentorship requests from likeminded people.  One person even asked if they could pay me more than I asked to work with me sooner.  My page views have tripled, especially on the blog posts that were most dear to my heart, which is evidence that I'm now drawing in the right people. My sales have now increased 3x." - Robin, The Diary of An Empath

“I'm blown away by how easy it is to grow your email list after working with Kendra and Kleneice. As a result of working with Kendra and Kleneice, I've completely revamped my business strategy to one that feels good for me and is in more alignment with my core values. Once I started taking action, I saw immediate results and they've been consistent ever since. There's no ups and downs anymore, my email list is growing at a steady rate with me being 95% hands off in the process!” - Taylor, Coach Takeoff


Hannah Parker, Holistic Thyroid Solutions

"During the first week of implementing my social media strategy, my Instagram following grew by over 50 and has been steadily growing ever since. Over the course of the following 3 weeks, people were signing up for my opt-in daily, accounting for almost 100 new email subscribers between my Facebook and Instagram contacts. I feel confident that I have the foundation in place that will continue to generate growth and convert paying clients."


Naomi, 127 Living

"Working with Kendra was a complete joy! She is gifted at helping women utilize their social networking platforms to build their business and reach their goals! She took the time to research not only my platform, but my brand in it's entirety. The true blessing was that she not only told me what needed improvement, she gave me a step by step plan to integrate those changes! She communicated how I could reach my goals while using integrity and authenticity. I so much appreciate her assistance and am looking forward to working with her again in the future! "