You built it (your brand, that is), but they haven’t come.  After the initial blast to family and friends, you have no idea how to get your ideal clients/customers to find your website, join your Facebook group, or see your posts in their feeds.


The foundation of a successful, profitable business is the ability to consistently connect with and attract your target audience.


We know how challenging it can seem to find your people. After all, you went into business to share your gifts with the world, not hunt down the people who need them.


Leave the hunting to us.


In our Let’s Find Your Tribe package, you tell us who you want to target online, and we’ll find them for you and hand over at least*:

  • 5 super-targeted Facebook groups so you’ll feel like you’re almost intruding as you see your target audience share all their biggest struggles, challenges, and goals

  • 10 Pinterest group boards so you’ll be able to share your blog posts and videos directly to your target audience and rapidly increase your brand awareness + exposure

  • 30 Instagram hashtags so that you’ll finally attract your target audience to your profile, not the people who do the same thing as you or aren’t interested in what you have to say

*For most industries/niches, we are able to deliver well over the minimums listed here.


If you’re feeling stuck around how to get more traffic to your website, how to get more engagement on your social media posts, how to grow your email list, how to get the right followers on social media, or even how to reach your target audience at all, then we’ve got you covered.

No more guessing. No more growing at a snail’s pace.


We’re ready to give you everything you need to start connecting with and attracting your target audience every day. Are you?

your investment: $497