Tailwind* - Pinning fresh content regularly on Pinterest is so important when you’re building your account!  Tailwind made it SUPER easy for us to build our boards with high quality content quickly.


Board Booster* - After using Tailwind to build a high quality base of pins, the “loop” feature of Board Booster saved the day and is the reason our Pinterest account operates on autopilot. There is no way we could manage all of our group boards without Board Booster.


Planoly* - We owe the transformation of our Instagram to Planoly! Planoly allows us to curate beautiful photos easily, schedule our posts, and tracks our best performing content.


Google Drive* - Humble & Whole basically lives on Google Drive.  All of our content is housed in folders on Google Drive.  The best part?  You can use Google Drive offline and easily move files from your hard drive into Google.


Pinfinite Growth - We learned the best Pinterest SEO and Board Booster tips from Melyssa Griffin’s Pinfinite Growth course.  It is SO easy to understand and implement her actionable strategies.


Affinity Designer - Although we have a background in Adobe Photoshop, we did not want to fork over a monthly fee for a design program (we’re old enough to remember when Adobe was just a flat rate fee)  Affinity Designer has most of the same features as Illustrator and is perfect for our graphic design needs.


Canva - When we DIY’ed our own branding, Canva was truly a God-send.  Canva takes the confusion out of graphic design by relying on easy to use, simple tools, unlike the more advanced tools of Affinity & Adobe.  If you’re an absolute beginner of graphic design, Canva will be your BFF.

Swift - Once again, because we did not want to fall victim to Adobe’s monthly program fees, we searched for an alternative program to create our freebies.  Most of Humble & Whole’s freebies were made with Swift.


17 Hats* - Our client onboarding process is seriously a breeze because of 17 Hats.  With 17 Hats, it's super easy to send questionnaires, have your clients view quotes and sign contracts, and pay invoices.  This program literally saves you from having to send a million emails when a new client signs on.