Start a Blog Series: Does My Business Really Need a Blog?

Have you been thinking about starting a blog as you dream about creating your online business?  Do you wonder if you really need one?  Kleneice and I would encourage you to start a blog if you are hoping to build an online business.  Most businesses today have blogs because clients have come to expect them.  Your clients will want to know more about the identity and owner behind the brand, which can be achieved through blogging.  Keep reading to discover four convincing reasons to start your own blog!

Are you wondering if your biz really needs a blog?  Today, clients are expecting you to have a blog.  A blog not only helps you stand out, but it could be the reason a client decides to work with you. What are the benefits of owning a blog?  Click through to discover 4 compelling reasons to start a blog today!


Your blog establishes the home base

Your blog is essentially the “home base” of your business.  There is only so much you can say on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.  Social media serves the primary purpose of sparking interaction between you and your clients.  On your blog, you have a chance to truly go into detail about who you are in addition to the mission and core values of your brand or business.  

Social media is very fast-paced, especially when you are following thousands of people.  Someone could miss your tweet that fired at 10am because they were still sleeping or follow 3000 other people who tweet all day long.  There is simply so much content on social media that people are not going to be focused on your content for very long.  Combine that with all the compelling ads on these websites and it’s truly a blessing to keep anyone’s attention for longer than five minutes.  

However, when your blog is your home base, you know that a visitor is there exclusively to learn about your business and the services or products that you offer.  There is no rapidly updating timeline to distract them from your content.  When a visitor is on your blog, you have the opportunity to capture their attention.  If your blog is a collective of high quality content, you will have no problem attracting visitors who spend an ample amount of time reading your posts.

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Your blog showcases your expertise

Blogs can also be seen as online “portfolios” of your expertise.  On your blog, you have the chance to build your reputation as a knowledgeable business woman in your niche.  Your blog is a primary tool for establishing your credibility and professionalism in your industry.  How can your blog encourage potential clients to work with you?  Let’s consider two examples:

Ashley is a web designer, whose blog showcases her past work and explains key concepts of design and branding. She also shows her blog visitors an in-depth, behind the scenes look at her design process and how she strives to accurately capture her client’s vision. Someone reading her blog could think “She spends a lot of time and care on her designs.  I want to work with someone who is thoughtful, talented, and cares about my vision.  Maybe I should work with her.

Let’s also consider an example of a health and fitness coach.  On Sarah’s blog, you find healthy and simple meal recipes.  Sarah has also taken the time to include detailed fitness plans.  She shares stories on her blog about her own struggle with her weight and how she overcame the same challenges her target audience is facing.  Sarah is developing all these helpful resources to showcase her expertise.  Sarah’s audience knows that she can help them reach their health and fitness goals because she has evidence.

In both examples, Ashley and Sarah gained the trust of potential clients through the content on their blogs.  Consistent production of high quality content on your blog helps your readers trust you.  High quality content takes a lot of time and effort to make.  Your readers will appreciate the value you provide through tutorials, guides, tips, case-studies, reviews, freebies, etc.  Being transparent about your struggles, goals, and dreams also gives your readers a chance to build a connection to you.  

Blogs are dominating search engine results

You may or may not have noticed, but most Pinterest and Google search results are directing you towards blogs.  That recipe or diy craft project that you searched for on Pinterest didn’t come from Pinterest itself.  Pinterest directed you most likely to a blog.  The number one reason that people go online is to search for information.  I would guess that shopping is a close second. (Well, at least for me it is!)  With blogs quickly rising to become the top source of information, the time is now to start a blog, especially if you have valuable content that could be the answer to someone’s problem.

You don’t own social media

Establishing your home base on something you don’t own is risky.  I think we’ve all had some frustration over the years with the changes of social media.  It seems like every couple of months there is a new update or an algorithm change.  There are new guidelines directing what content users can see and how long they can see it.  All of this is a very real reminder that since we don’t own social media platforms, we have to follow their rules.  I strongly believe with the creation of sponsored ads and posts across every major social media platform that the goal is to give the advantage over these changes to businesses willing to pay the price.  

Social media is a great way to build a buzz about your blog and business.  However, investing your time into nurturing your own platform is truly worth it.

Another reason to nurture your blog rather than rely on social media is the fact that people have lost thousands of followers on social media platforms due to their own error or an error in the system.  I can only imagine the horror of building a following of thousands of people, only to wake up one day and realize it is gone.  Sadly, this actually happens.  You don’t own your list of followers on social media.  It isn’t saved in case a tragedy of the server or your own error occurs.  On a blog, however, you have the option to build your own mailing list of subscribers.  The best thing is that you own this list.  And you can save it.  It is far more important to build and save a mailing list that you own, rather than focus all your efforts on growing a following on social media that is not guaranteed to last.

We believe that women interested in online business will not go wrong putting forth effort into a blog.  Your blog not only allows people to learn about the lovely woman behind the brand, but a blog truly opens so many doors to opportunities.  What you pour into your blog will not return void if you strive to make your blog a resource that helps someone.  

Ready to get started building your own blog?  Stay tuned for part two of the series: Choosing Your Niche!

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