Why We Switched to SmarterQueue: The Case for Smart Automation

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As your business grows, it is inevitable that you will outgrow certain tools, strategies, and processes that served you well in the beginning.  As your reach expands and you have more clients and customers to serve, it will only become more urgent to work smarter not harder.  We recently experienced this in our own business and gained hours back by eliminating the processes and tools that were wasting precious time.

Why We Switched to Smarterqueue - The Case For Smart Automation


How Twitter challenged us to work smarter, not harder

For nearly a year, we were content with the steady growth of the Humble & Whole community. Our social presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest was serving us well and attracting our dream clients.  Although we were using a different management tool for each account, we had a healthy level of automation in place to save time.

Twitter wasn’t on our radar until July 2017, when I started using my personal account again to connect with friends. I realized how promising this platform could be for our networking and marketing efforts, and after thorough research, Kleneice and I finally decided to expand Humble & Whole to Twitter.

As you’ve probably heard us say before, Twitter is the most brutal social platform when it comes to the shelf life of your content.  The average tweet has a lifespan of just 18 minutes. Without a strategy, you’re basically throwing darts in the dark attempting to get your content seen on Twitter. 

The culture is also different on Twitter.  It’s acceptable and expected to share others’ content almost as much as your own.  It’s really easy to look like a spambot on Twitter if you’re only sharing your blog posts and promo offers every hour.  

Considering the content lifespan and culture, we knew that we needed a heavy duty tool that could allow us to automate and grow Twitter efficiently.

We actually didn’t plan on investing in another social media management tool when we migrated to Twitter.  The thought of investing in a separate tool for Twitter was completely unappealing.

However, we quickly discovered that trying to manage our Twitter presence with Post Planner was far too time-consuming and inefficient.  A system of organizing content into meaningful categories was important for us because our research revealed that the Twitter accounts with the most genuine engagement shared a variety of content.  

With Post Planner, we were running into a stumbling block because we could only categorize posts as “links, articles, or photos.”

When faced with the decision to spend precious time playing around with Post Planner or to streamline our social media management, we opted for the latter.

In order to streamline the management of our social presence, we knew that we needed a heavy-duty, yet affordable tool.  

Smarterqueue was a reasonable investment with the exact features we wanted.

Meaningful content organization 

Our goal was to diversify the content we shared on both Twitter and Facebook in order to serve our audience well and boost engagement.  Thanks to the content categorization feature, that’s exactly what happened.

Here’s a peek of our content categories:

SmarterQueue Content Categories

Another bonus of the content categories?  You can easily analyze your content mix.  Because the categories are color coded, you don’t have to guess what you’ve been publishing on social media.  You’ll easily be able to see if you’ve been pushing too many promotional posts, blog posts, freebies, etc.

Smarterqueue Content Schedule

Effortlessly recycle evergreen content

Smarterqueue also introduced a new level of peace into our social media scheduling.  The post-recycling feature eliminates any worry of running out of content to share.  When you upload your content in Smarterqueue, you can adjust the settings so that it automatically recycles your posts when you publish all of your new content.  

Smarterqueue Content Queue

You'll notice at the top of the image that we currently have 226 posts in our SmarterQueue library that are all classified as "evergreen posts", meaning they have been automatically scheduled to recycle.  

Loading all of our content into SmarterQueue and completing the transition from Post Planner took about a week, but since then, we have gained back hours in our business.

Are your systems + tools serving your business well?

We had no idea that expanding our social presence to include Twitter would lead to investing in a new scheduling tool with such a high ROI.

We wanted to share this story on the blog not only to highlight the features of Smarterqueue, but also to demonstrate how important it is to evaluate your processes, tools, and strategies as you enter new seasons in your business.

Many of the stumbling blocks we’ve encountered in our own business have been due to processes, tools, and strategies that no longer served us well.

What is poor scheduling and management costing you?

Because we specialize in digital marketing, we can’t help but notice that social media is a common stumbling block for several female creatives. But it doesn’t have to be.

Social media is one of the main culprits when it comes to wasting time during a workday. Solopreneurs actually lose hours per day not only because of poor planning but also absent- mindedly scrolling through social media.

Managing social media effectively is a necessity for your business, especially if you’re a solopreneur.  A healthy level of automation is important so that you can easily create boundaries with social media.  

If managing your social media presence involves panicking because you don’t know what to post for the day, scrolling for hours after you post, or you have a hunch that the process of loading and sharing your content isn’t as efficient as it could be, take a step back.

It’s also important to consider that spending too much time on social media can eliminate the time you need for revenue generating and growth activities that move your business forward.

If you’re hoping to gain precious time back by effortlessly managing your social media presence, Smarterqueue is worth the investment. (Psst! You can try Smarterqueue for 2 months FREE with our link)