5 Steps to Your Best Content

The top social media accounts, blogs and other platforms have one thing in common.  They consistently produce high quality content for their viewers.  High quality content, hands down, is the most effective way to grow an audience on any platform, whether it be a blog, an Instagram account, or a Youtube channel.   

For our first blog that was catered to nursing students, Kleneice and I didn’t implement a lot of special marketing strategies, but we noticed that our blog traffic and pageviews spiked as we produced more high quality blog posts (and Pinterest was great at generating traffic!). But you may be wondering how to produce high quality content that will resonate with your audience.  We’ve got five guidelines for you to consider to generate a buzz about you and your wonderful business.

It's no secret that the brands with the best content get more likes, shares, readers, etc.  It's all about the value! If you're wondering how to create high quality content, we've got you covered with these 5 tips!


(Psst! If you’re unsure what types of content you can produce for your business or brand, no worries! Kleneice has you covered in her post explaining the different types of content.)

Be organized

Your audience will appreciate your content if it is organized.  You never want your audience to be confused about the point you’re trying to make or the way that your ideas are being presented. If either of those two errors occur, your audience will be less inclined to share your material, and we don’t want that to happen.  Not after you’ve worked so hard to create it!

If you will be creating longer content such as podcasts, videos, or blog posts, it can be helpful to use an outline that covers the points you want to make before you actually write or record your episode/video/blog.  An outline can prevent you from straying off topic or including information that would be best suited for another post.  Kleneice and I are diligent about outlining all of our posts before we write them.  If we don’t, our minds are all over the place and we can’t focus on the task at hand.

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Be detailed

Name the who, what, when, where, how, and when. The more details you can give the better.  Don’t hold anything back. Remember that one of the primary reasons we go online is to search for information.  Sources that leave out details and have noticeable gaps of missing information are less likely to be shared and promoted.  Personally, I do not return to blogs, Instagram accounts, Youtube channels, etc. when the creator leaves me guessing or confused after viewing their content.  

Your goal when creating content should be to leave the viewer with as few questions as possible. Make sure you are covering the key points of your topic. Break down what you want to teach or show your audience in a series of steps if possible.  Maybe because you’re an expert in what you’re trying to teach, you aren’t sure if you covered all the key points necessary for a beginner to understand.  No worries! Find a friend who knows less than you do about your topic and ask them nicely to watch your video or read your blog post.  If they have a pretty good idea of the message you were trying to convey, then you’re on the right track.  

Another way to ensure that your content is detailed enough is to think back to the time when you were first introduced to your topic, event, experience, industry, etc.  What questions did you have when you were a beginner?  What do you remember being eager to learn or search answers for?

Give actionable advice

The best content gives readers actionable advice.  Have you ever received advice and then wondered how to act on what you just heard?  Sometimes the value of advice is in knowing what to do with it.  Especially nowadays, readers want to learn something and immediately know how to implement it.  Giving actionable advice goes hand in hand with providing detailed advice.  By explaining the how and why behind the concepts that you teach, your readers will know what they need to do to implement your advice.  

Wrap up your blog posts, newsletters, Instagram captions, or videos with the top few steps your audience can take immediately to work towards their goals, and they’ll keep coming back!  And please, don’t fall for the myth that only your paid content should be detailed and actionable.  While it tends to be true that you get what you pay for, the free content that you provide your audience should be the exception.  When you go strive to produce material for your tribe that goes above and beyond their expectations and it is free, you are establishing yourself as an authority.  How?  It is through your free content that you create your first impression, and thereafter continue to demonstrate that you have the knowledge, the skills, and the ability to solve your audience’s problems.  If you blow them away with what you provide for free, they will be willing to purchase your products and services that are for sale because they’ll be sure that you’re going to deliver.

It should relate to your audience

After identifying your target audience, you should know what they are looking for.  An understanding of your audience’s goals, their inspiration, what they believe in, etc. allows you to provide content that aligns with their desires and beliefs.  Content that aligns with your audience’s desires and beliefs is more likely to be shared, commented on, and referred to time and time again.

How can you find out what your audience wants to learn more about?  Look at their instagram, twitter, and facebook pages.  What are they talking about?  What concerns do they have?  What books and blogs are they reading?  What brands do they identify with?  These are clues that will tell you what your audience wants to know.

Be encouraging & inspire change

There is enough negativity online and in real life. Your viewers are facing challenges every day.  They are trying to overcome the negative thoughts in their heads and the negative noise from the people/media around them.  You should always be encouraging your audience that they can do the things you are trying to teach them.  Build up your audience, and they will be more likely to return to your website or platform.  Be genuine.  Your content should resonate with your ideal audience and make them strive to be better.  

Content that is created genuinely with the audience in mind will almost always be profound. The guidelines that we have provided will have you well on your way towards producing high-quality content.  Always strive to put your best information forward.  Keep in mind that the content you produce will always be associated with your business or brand, so don’t rush.  Ask to be led by the Holy Spirit.  What does He want you to say or write?  There is a message inside of you that the Holy Spirit wants your audience to hear.  He will give you the words.

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