The Wholesome Guide to Social Media: Free Email Course

We realize that we’re a bit overdue for a new post, as we’ve been busy behind the scenes planning some changes for Humble & Whole.  We’re so excited about what the new year will bring and we wanted to give you a sneak peek at our new direction today!

If you are a blogger or creative entrepreneur who's trying to grow your social media platforms authentically and organically, you don't want to miss our free social media email course, The Wholesome Guide to Social Media.  We'll be teaching how to create a solid social media strategy that results in a larger following, increased blog traffic, and increased bookings and sales.  Sign up for this free, 7-day email course today!


Along with a rebrand beginning Q1, we are also narrowing the focus of our blog content and services.  Kendra and I realized that the majority of our client work was actually directed towards creating purposeful and organic social media strategies.  The women that we worked with were heart-driven entrepreneurs looking to grow their presence on social media authentically.  Kendra and I have always had a love/hate relationship with social media, and I can even recall telling her that I’d never want to do work related to social media!

However, our work has been so rewarding.  Taking away our client’s frustrations with social media and seeing them actually get excited about using their platforms has been incredible.  We absolutely adore our cozy Instagram community, and we want to help other women grow engaged audiences.

Starting today, our brand new email course is open for enrollment.  In The Wholesome Guide to Social Media, we’re teaching you how to

  • Find your target audience

  • Create content that’s engaging & share worthy

  • Choose which social networks are best for your brand

  • Spend less time managing your accounts

  • Build a community, increase your traffic, & grow your mailing list

If you need help with anything listed above and you’re tired of feeling stuck when it comes to social media, then this is the perfect course for you!  And I didn’t mention the best part.  The course is absolutely free!  :)  If you’re ready to get a better handle on social media, sign up for The Wholesome Guide to Social Media here!

We’d like to hear from you!  Tell us what’s your #1 struggle with social media in the comments below!