How to Repurpose Your Blog Content for Social Media

One of the most stressful elements of managing social media is creating enough content to keep your social network active.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you think of all the tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and pins you need to stay present and visible online.  Social media management becomes a lot easier when you shift your focus from creating a lot of content to repurposing what you already have.  

Are you a blogger or creative entrepreneur who struggles with what to post on your social media networks?  If you aren't repurposing your content, you're making things a lot harder on yourself!  You don't want to miss these six ways that you can repurpose your blog content for your social media platforms.

Repurposing content is simply getting multiple uses from the original piece.

The mistake bloggers and entrepreneurs make is trying to create a bunch of new content for their social media instead of getting multiple uses from the content they already have.  Have you ever wondered how your favorite bloggers and business owners are creating so much content?  Here’s a hint: they are experts at repurposing what they already have.

When you don’t repurpose your content, you are creating more work for yourself by trying to create an original post each time on social media.

Please do not make content harder to produce by assuming that everyone is reading all of your blog posts, emails, and social media posts.  Everyone who follows you on social media is not a subscriber to your mailing list.  Your mailing list subscribers may not read every single blog post.  Repurposing your content actually helps your visibility by ensuring that your content is seen or represented across all of the platforms that you use as your following continues to grow.

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Where do I start with repurposing content?

You can get multiple uses out of any blog post, but I recommend starting with the blog posts your audience has already demonstrated a significant interest in.  Check your analytics and identify your most popular blog posts to begin repurposing first.  Pay attention to the blog posts that have the most comments.  Also, check Pinterest to see which pins are getting the most repins.

What do you do next when you’ve identified the most popular content?

Revisit those blog posts.  

Convert blog posts to actionable tips

High quality blog posts that are meant to inform an audience usually contain some type of actionable advice.  Reread your blog posts and pick out the quick, action-packed tips that upon implementation, would provide a quick win for your audience.  You could then share this brief advice in the form of a tweet or Instagram post.

Video is also a great platform for short and sweet action tips.  When Kleneice and I broadcasted on Periscope, our content came from pre-existing blog posts that we broke down into action steps.

Share excerpts of your blog posts and newsletters

An almost effortless repurpose technique?  Copy a small paragraph from your email or blog post and share directly on Facebook or Instagram.  I love sharing excerpts of blog posts and newsletters to boost curiosity and increase traffic to our blog and subscriptions to our mailing list.

Make Q&A videos

If you are receiving questions in your field of expertise, why not make a short video that answers your frequently asked questions?  Have a small audience? No worries! Take a look at the questions being asked in your Facebook groups that are related to your specialty.  Compose a document that contains these frequently asked questions and include your responses.  Use this file as the transcript for your Q&A video and upload on youtube or add to your snapchat, instastory, or FB live.

Create a weekly series

Blog series are a bit more common than series on social media.  Create a theme for the week and share a post each day related to the theme, just as you would for a series on a blog.

Shay from The Bronze Hustle does this perfectly.  She announces to her followers that she will be conducting a weekly series to boost interest and engagement on her account.  As a follower of The Bronze Hustle, Kleneice and I always look forward to her weekly series and throughout the entire week, we check on her account more regularly than usual in anticipation of her next post.


Show us sneak peeks

Do you have an online course, ebook, webinar, or email course?  Share a sneak peek of the content from your digital product. Kleneice and I recently combined this technique with a weekly series.  We shared a little bit of our email course, The Wholesome Guide to Social Media, as a post each day on Instagram and saw a significant boost to our mailing list!


Create a challenge

This technique requires a bit more creativity, but could significantly expand your audience.  Revisit your blog posts and identify your actionable advice.  Maybe you wrote a post about organizing your computer files and gave the tip of deleting old files for 10 mins each day.  You could use this tip to create a short social media challenge to rally your audience together to clean up their files.  Bonus:  when you create a hashtag for a challenge, this holds the potential to expand your audience greatly.

As you can see, there are several ways you can repurpose content for social media to ease the pressure of remaining consistent.  Repurposing what you already have truly saves so much time in your social media strategy.  

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