7 Reasons Why Pinterest is a Marketing Powerhouse

If you are a blogger hoping to expand your reach or a business owner wanting to increase sales, you must give Pinterest a try!  Pinterest is one of the most powerful platforms you can use to build your audience.  We like to think of it as a marketing powerhouse because a lot of our content has gained traction from Pinterest.  Check out our top 7 reasons why Pinterest is worth your time.

If you're a blogger hoping to increase traffic to your blog or an entrepreneur with a product or service hoping to increase your sales, Pinterest belongs in your marketing strategy. Click through to learn the top 7 reasons that make Pinterest a powerful marketing tool for bloggers and entrepreneurs.


Pinterest is a leading source of high quality traffic

There are few platforms that can outperform Pinterest when it comes to generating quality traffic.  What do we mean by quality traffic?  When a visitor lands on your website, the hope is that they will stay for a while and browse your content instead of immediately leaving your website.  

Although you can’t prevent some traffic from “bouncing”, Pinterest generated traffic is of a higher quality than from a platform like StumbleUpon.  Why? Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media network.  When someone logs on Pinterest, they are usually looking for something specific (not so much with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook).  When someone clicks on your pin to be directed to your website, there’s a good chance that they are genuinely interested in your content.

Promoting your content on Pinterest is one of the best ways to build your mailing list  

Any blog post that features a content upgrade or freebie belongs on Pinterest.  Since Pinterest users are searching for specific information, any bonus content that accompanies a quality blog post is likely to receive attention.  Kleneice and I noticed a significant increase in subscribers to our mailing list when we added the Instagram Hashtag Guide to 6 Instagram Secrets Nobody Shares.  Be sure that you are monitoring the activity of your pins to add content upgrades to any posts that are gaining traction on Instagram.

Pinterest is perfect for A/B testing

A/B testing is a must as you begin promoting your content to ensure you understand what resonates with your audience.  There is no penalty on Pinterest for making multiple pins that link to the same URL.  You should try creating multiple pins to test which headlines and styles convert better for your audience.

A/B Test Pinterest Images

It’s important to identify what resonates better with you audience so you can produce pins that will gain attention and generate traffic to your blog.

Pinterest can strengthen your brand recognition

Pinterest is a visual platform, making it a great choice to strengthen your brand recognition.  Narrow your templates down to two or three that feature the same type of stock photos, fonts, colors, and overlays.  This is critical to boosting familiarity with your brand.  Whenever I see pins from Jamie of Spruce Rd, Lauren of Elle & Company, or Regina of ByRegina, I can instantly recognize them as belonging to their respective brands because they consistently produce pins of the same style.

Spruce Rd

Spruce Rd

Elle & Company Design

Elle & Company Design



Your content has a long shelf-life

Pinterest is one of the best platforms to promote your content because of its long shelf-life (source).  I have been using Pinterest to search for blogging and business tips for the past 3 years and I still see the same pins on my home feed sometimes. The Pinterest smart feed favors posts that are high quality (evidenced by a high repin count and strong SEO).  When you put in the work to develop high quality pins, you can reap the benefits for years to come.

Pinterest shows you what’s trending specifically in your niche

Pinterest is our favorite platform to use to identify trends in blogging and social media.  The cool thing about the search feature is that keywords will appear under the search bar to show you in real time what the most popular subjects are (source).  

Finding Keywords on Pinterest

Above you can see that using the keyword "branding", generates terms such as "identity", "design", "business" and "inspiration" as the top four related keywords Pinterest users are searching for related to the concept of branding.

This is a great resource you can use for content ideas to stay on top of trends in your niche!

Pinterest is incredibly easy to manage yourself.

With the help of tools like Tailwind, our Pinterest is 99% on autopilot, and generates more traffic to our blog each month.  Tailwind can automate pinning for you, so you aren’t spending all day manually pinning 50-100 pins per day (the magic number is still up for debate!).  With the potential to run on autopilot and consistently boost your traffic each month, Pinterest is well worth your time.  

We couldn't imagine where Humble & Whole would be without Pinterest.  The time that you invest in creating high quality content pays off tremendously when you start promoting it on Pinterest.