Is Your Creative Business Sustainable?

Is your business sustainable?  What comes to mind when you consider the answer to this question?  Are you pondering the amount of time it takes to operate your business?  Maybe you’re thinking about when to bring on a team if you’re a solopreneur.  Perhaps you’re wondering if the price you charge for your product or service is enough to ensure the profitability of your business.

We believe you’ll find the answer in lead generation.  Stay with us here.  We’re going to break down the importance of attracting fresh faces through the door of your business and how that fits into your business model, and we’re going to walk you through a mini assessment to track your progress!

Organic Lead Generation



When we think of sustainability, we’re thinking of fresh faces continuously discovering Humble & Whole and engaging with us.  

We believe it’s going to be really tough to have a sustainable business if there’s a problem getting fresh faces through the door.  In marketing, this is known as lead generation.  

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Unless your business can thrive with a few customers purchasing on a recurring basis, lead generation is a priority in your business.

For example, a VA who has implemented a retainer service may only need to work with the same 4 clients each month to be profitable and can take a more relaxed approach to attracting fresh faces to her business.

Kleneice and I, on the other hand, fall in the category of freelancers who need a steady stream of new leads discovering Humble & Whole.  We don’t have long-term work with our clients, so our sustainability depends on working with new clients each month.  If your work is anything like ours, then you’ve only got a few options:

  1. Continue to upsell your past clients/customers with new services + products

  2. Attract a steady influx of new clients

  3. Implement longer-term services

Whether you are a blogger, product-based business, or service-based business, you need that steady influx of fresh faces discovering your brand.  You need quality web traffic to your blog.  You need people to buy your products and services.  You need people on your mailing list.  You need people to move through those sales funnels.


Kleneice and I rarely watch webinars anymore because we’re usually busy behind the scenes of Humble & Whole, but last week, I attended a webinar and saw something interesting.  One attendee commented that lead generation was too expensive, which made me think that she was relying on paid advertising for leads to her business.

In fact, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are all making a fortune from entrepreneurs who are utilizing their advertising to generate leads.

We’ve had our fair share of consultations with entrepreneurs who had less than stellar results from ads, hoping that they would be the answer to their woes.

Generating new leads for your business is critical, but you don’t want to put yourself in the predicament of relying on paid advertising in order for your business to be sustainable.


We believe the power of organic social media strategy is grossly underestimated.  

Here’s the thing: Paid advertising is the cherry on top of a solid foundation built by organic engagement and strategy.

Organic engagement, especially when implemented strategically, has the power to significantly grow your community on social media, drive high quality traffic to your website, and build your mailing list with people who will actually open your emails.

In other words, an organic social media strategy has the potential to consistently generate new leads into your business.

For example, here at Humble & Whole, we haven’t paid a penny in advertising and yet we’ve:

  1. Worked with our dreamiest ideal clients
  2. Built an engaged mailing list of over 1600 subscribers
  3. Consistently attracted over 10K visitors to our blog monthly
  4. Cultivated an engaged, loyal tribe on Instagram

Organic lead generation is truly our specialty.  All of our clients have come to us with the intention of using social media to attract more organic leads to their business.  We’ve walked you through a glimpse of our process before, but by analyzing the goals our clients have and optimizing their social media presence, we help our clients attract fresh faces to their brand.

We want to show you a quick mini assessment that you can work through right now to figure out where you stand with generating leads for your business.


What can you expect from your mailing list each month?  Are you attracting a steady flow of engaged subscribers?

Is your blog traffic increasing each month?  Do your metrics show that visitors are engaged on your site? (low bounce rate, clicking through, page views increasing)

How often are you serving new clients or attracting new customers?

Do you feel like your reach is limited?  Are you confident that your content is in front of the right people?

We want you to honestly answer these questions.  If you’ve been blogging or in business for at least six months now, it’s critical that you are able to identify these trends.

If your growth is painfully slow (and you’ve been giving it your all), and you know that you’re having trouble getting those fresh faces through the door, consider whether your current strategy is as effective as it could be.

Your income is going to depend on your ability to consistently get your offerings in front of the right people.

As social media strategists, this is the core of what we do.

We give our clients the roadmap.  We give them the exact steps they need to take daily, weekly, and monthly to boost their blog traffic, grow their list, and fill their sales funnels.

We want you to consider this:  if you’re not meeting your goals, and you don’t have a solid plan OR you don’t even know where to begin to meet those goals, then it’s time for a social media strategy that actually works. 

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