How to Maximize Your Time Marketing Your Business

I just don’t have enough time for marketing my business.

Sound familiar?

According to a Leadpages survey in 2017 of small businesses, over 50% of small business owners reported that either themselves or their teams spent under 2 hours per week on marketing activities.

We hate to break it to you, but marketing requires much more than 2 hours per week to yield a significant ROI.  

If you’re running your business solo, chances are you’re wearing many hats right now.  But no fear, we’ve got 6 ways for you to maximize your time marketing your business.

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Wondering how to save time marketing your health and wellness business?  No worries!  We're revealing 6 ways to maximize your time so that you can actually yield an ROI. 


1. Show up exactly where your target audience is

There’s a reason why this tip is listed first.  It doesn’t matter how much effort you put towards anything else on this list if you aren’t clear about where to find your target audience.  

Whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been in business solo for a while, it simply isn’t feasible to tackle 4 or 5 social media platforms at full force.

Chances are, as a health and wellness professional, your ideal client is on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.  

Hone in on 2 platforms and save the rest for when you have the capacity to build a team.

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2. Streamline your content creation + repurpose

One of the most time-consuming aspects of marketing your business is content creation - but it doesn’t have to be.  

When our strategy clients have complained of content creation, we discovered it’s because they were overworking themselves.  Our clients were creating a new piece of content for every social media post.  To make things worse, they weren’t repurposing the content they had already created.  No wonder content creation was taking so much time!

First things first, there’s no need to create a new piece of content for every social media post because even for the most devoted followers of your brand, it’s highly unlikely that they’ve read every single piece of content.  Even if someone did, how likely would they be to remember what you posted a month ago?

Second, make it easier for your content to go further for you by streamlining the creation process. Why not break down a weekly blog post into social media posts, video content, and freebies?  

Our weekly blog post makes up more than enough content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, our Facebook and Instagram live streams, our newsletter, and future projects.  We make the most of our content to ease the stress of constantly creating fresh ideas.


3. Batch as many repeatable tasks as possible

If you’re a solo entrepreneur and you haven’t tried batching yet, prepare to be amazed.  

Batching is all about designating a block of time to one task to create, manage, or organize in bulk.  For example, in one hour, I was able to outline enough blog posts for 3 months.  For that hour, I did nothing but stay focused on outlining my blog posts.  

It’s a good idea to batch the repeatable tasks that you face weekly in your business such as:

creating graphics

writing blog posts

editing photos

responding to blog comments

scheduling social media content

The key is that giving one task your undivided focus for a period of time gives you the time and energy to get ahead.  Think about how far ahead you could be if you spent a day writing blog posts or scheduling social media.  

Is there a specific task that you find yourself falling behind on a lot?  Start with batching that one first.  


4. Introduce automation in your workflows

To truly maximize your time, automation is key.  The tools and apps that you can include in your workflow to save time and eliminate stress are endless.  

For marketing purposes, social media scheduling and appointment scheduling (for discovery calls and connection calls) can potentially drain the most time, so we’ll dive into a few favorite tools.

Social media scheduling

There’s truly no need to publish each new update or piece of content manually.  Trying to manage multiple social media accounts manually is the fast track to burnout and exhaustion. Smarterqueue and BoardBooster are tools we use to keep our social media accounts running smoothly.

Appointment scheduling

Messaging back and forth without a potential client or collaboration partner in order to decide on a meeting time is unnecessary and incredibly time-consuming.  Check out a scheduler like Calendly so that your guests can easily book appointments.


5. Prioritize revenue generating activities

Always, always, always pencil in revenue generating activities into your workday.  

Just as the name suggests, revenue-generating activities are most likely to move the needle forward in your business and yield an ROI.  

Examples of revenue generating activities include:

extending invitations for discovery calls and connection calls

writing or refining sales copy

writing email nurture sequences and sales funnels

conducting market research

following up with warm leads

creating lead magnets

beta testing new offers and programs

Revenue generating activities are so valuable that they should be in your top 3 priorities for the day.  Why?  If you got nothing else done for the day except revenue-generating activities, you would have allocated your time and energy to the tasks that carry the most weight in your business.


6. Outsource

Eventually, your business is going to grow to a point where you can no longer manage every aspect of it on your own.  Especially if you are prioritizing revenue-generating activities, your business will only continue to grow.  

As you take on more clients, you’re going to have less time to spend on the other activities that keep the wheels turning.  

To serve those clients well, you’re going to have to outsource to get more space in your schedule. You don’t have to immediately build a team, but you’ll want to slowly let go of more activities as your client base grows.  

Outsourcing is not just about saving time, it’s also critical to scale and increase your revenue. Building a highly qualified team gives your business the ability to thrive and reach new revenue milestones.

Ready to devote more time to serving your clients and hand off marketing to someone who lives, breathes, and dreams all things digital marketing?  Send us a message and we would be happy to help!

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